Debian Wheezy (7.0) contain a backport Hyper-V drivers from Kernel 3.4
But the Hyper-V kernel modules ( as minimum,



) are missing in the installer image of Debian Wheezy created before 2012-11-13

You need use .iso created after 2012-11-14
( or .iso by Arnaud Patard )

you’ll be able to use paravirt NIC, SCSI disks,
additionally you’ll get mouse integration and support for more than 1 vCPU.

Debian v7.0 on Hyper-V
или прощай Legacy LANCard

Или как добавление одной строчки

в нужный файл решает множество проблем при установке Debian v7.0 на Hyper-V

Используйте для инсталяции .iso от Arnaud Patard :

и забудьте о
— смене сетевой карты на Legacy и обратно
— про параметр загрузки ata_piix.prefer_ms_hyperv=0
— переподключении HDD на IDE
— про потолок в 3 шт. HDD

Как результат:

SCSI , 10Gb LanCard _


International part:


From: "Victor Miasnikov" <vvm (at) tut (dot) by>
To: "Arnaud Patard"
Cc: "Mathieu Simon"; "Bernhard Schmidt" ; <>; <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 5:59 PM
Subject: All work as need with 0001-Add-Hyper-V-modules-to-netboot-and-cdrom.patch Fw: debian-installer: d-i unable to find disk storage on Hyper-V Fw: the Hyper-V kernel modules ( as minimum, hv_vmbus hv_utils hv_storvsc hv_netvsc )


From: Arnaud Patard apatard (at) hupstream (dot) com
To: Debian Bug Tracking System
Subject: debian-installer: d-i unable to find disk storage on Hyper-V
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 20:35:01 +0200

install testing on a Hyper-V VM through CD . . . Hyper-V drivers

An installation has succeeded with the attached patch and a d-i monolithic

Commit cd006086fa5d91414d8ff9ff2b78fbb593878e3c:

. . .

build/pkg-lists/cdrom/isolinux/amd64.cfg | 2 ++
build/pkg-lists/cdrom/isolinux/i386.cfg | 1 +
build/pkg-lists/netboot/amd64.cfg | 1 +
build/pkg-lists/netboot/i386.cfg | 1 +

. . .

— a/build/pkg-lists/ <All> / <All> .cfg
+++ b/build/pkg-lists/ <All> / <All> .cfg

. . .




Good job!

.patch implement this

But _true_ solution is

add the Hyper-V kernel modules ( as minimum,



to initramfs of installer .ISO

When boot use

All work as need:

SCSI , 10Gb LanCard:

Image 1


Image 2


Best regards, Victor Miasnikov


Why would you use a workaround on command line
while we have a udeb containing the right module, which means that one
can install in Hyper-V out of the box ?

As _temporary_ solution ( example see later)


But this .iso
Debian v7.X _x64 Daily build 2012-10-31



not contain in file "initrd" from


This is very bad for Hyper-V admins :-(


Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 12:51:01 UTC

Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 18:54:04 UTC



MS Excell think
2012-10-31 – 2012-08-08 = 24.03.1900


2012-11-02 :

From: Cyril Brulebois
To: Arnaud Patard ,
Subject: Re: Bug#690978: debian-installer: d-i unable to find disk storage on Hyper-VDate: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 11:54:25 +0100

> . . . with the attached patch . . .

Thanks, I’ve just applied your patch, it should be part of beta 4.



– — –
From: Cyril Brulebois
Subject: Bug#690978: fixed in debian-installer 20121114
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 16:32:45 +0000

. . .

debian-installer (20121114)

. . .

[ Cyril Brulebois ]
* Apply patch from Arnaud Patard to include Hyper-V linux kernel udebs
on cdrom and netboot images for am64 and i386 (Closes: #690978). This
is needed after a kernel change on the ata_piix side (cd006086fa in


Tested with

SHA1 b544066bbdd40c4a561007064dafc359a750e4e4

4 комментария to “Debian v7.0 on Hyper-V”

  • vvm:

    And temporary solution “B”:
    Here is how to install Debian 7 (wheezy) on hyper-V. Currently, the netinst image doesn’t contains the hyper-v drivers. (tested with netinst beta 2). You may replace your network card by a legacy network card, but it won’t be enough since the debian Netinst does not detect the disk, so you can’t install anything.

    The solution I use is to download the Debian 6 netinst “business card”. Add a “legacy network card”, and boot on the install disc.

    When netinst ask you for the hostname for your new system, switch to another console (Alt-F2) and type

    echo wheezy > /etc/default-release
    Then return to the first console (Alt-F1) and proceed. At the end of the installation, you will have a working Debian 7 (Wheezy), with modern kernel that support Hyper-V. So you may remove the legacy network card and use the native driver for network and disk.


  • vvm:

    As temporary solution “A”:

    Use boot options

    to disable the Hyper-V IDE drivers
    [ VVM: i.e. hv_storvsc not prefered ata_piix to work with IDE HDD ]


    by English ( original by JP )


    Debian 7.0 (wheezy/testing) on hyper-v

    Conclusions just summarized:

    Debian Hyper-v module is not included at this stage installer

    In Debian Linux Kernel 3.2.0 Wheezy kernel hyper-v module incorporates by default ,
    with no additional settings need be apply


    Debian When installing a Wheezy, use hyper-v ‘s legacy network interface

    After you install a Debian Wheezy,
    once the VM down and replace Interface assigned to the VM legacy network
    to the interface Synthetic Network Adapter with the same address and MAC address

    This just in, to use hyper-v integration services from Debian Wheezy.


  • vvm:

    Debian 6.0 squeeze-backports

    See comment N1 from
    Jonatas dos Anjos disse:
    07/06/2012 às 19:46

    No Debian é só adicionar os repositórios backports e fazer o upgrade do kernel que terá o modulos do hyper-v integrados.

    deb squeeze-backports main contrib non-free
    deb-src squeeze-backports main contrib non-free

    Instalando o kernel 3.2 com o integration components 3.1 (amd64)
    apt-get -t squeeze-backports install linux-headers-amd64 linux-image-amd64


  • Jessie:

    With Debian Jessie all is fine, you need only to compile the hyper-v tools, here is a good howto: after that kvp and vss live backup is working well.

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